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Rinseware’s SlickDevice1001 is the first Intelligent Replacement Controller for Semitool Spin Rinse Dryers.
  • Drop-in installation
  • Touchscreen display
  • Intelligent Controller Technology
  • Remote access
  • Real-time error logging
  • 2 Page Brochure

    Detailed Brochure
  • Save Capex by extending the life of your existing Semitool ® SRDs.
  • Reduce Downtime in your fab.
  • Installation and firmware updates do not require disassembling equipment.
  • Real-time alerts notify operators when SRD is malfunctioning and where the problems is.
  • Reduce Operating Costs.
  • Easy to use interface requires limited training.
  • Pre-set programs for common functions.
  • Customizable programs for unique requirements.
  • Remote access for offsite technicians.
    About us Jaime Rueda Jaime Rueda is an Innovation award winner, with 23 years of experience as a successful Programming and Computing Engineer. Owner of an innovative networking company where he learned how to run efficient and profitable business.  Mr. Jaime Rueda heads the strategy for business and is in charge of Electronic Design and Programming.
      Fernando Bartra Luis Bartra has been in the Semiconductor Industry for 30 years. Luis Bartra has personally rebuilt many Semiconductor Equipment which included Spin Rinse Dryers (SRDs). Mr. Luis Bartra heads the manufacturing process, quality control, and burn-in testing.
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