Frequently Asked Questions
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Q:   Do you have replacement controllers in stock?
A:   Yes, we keep enough inventories in our racks. Typically we will ship within 3-5 business days (standard models).
Q: Do you have a trade-in program?
A: Yes, we have a trade-in program. We will receive your outdated old controller, even if it is not working.
Q: Does you controller replace the old Semitool(R) PSC-101 controller?
A: Yes, SlickDevice 1001BL it’s a direct drop-in replacement controller. All you need to do is install the new controller using the existing cables and connectors.
Q. Is your system firmware field upgradeable?
A: Yes, Firmware upgrade is an easy task, does not require SRD disassembly or controller to be opened.  You will receive your new firmware version through your e-mail.
Q: What are the two USB ports on the front panel for?
A:  Those are standard mini-USB ports intended for remote support by our technical staff and other task. Please see the manual for more information.
Q:  What kind of warranty does your system have?
A:  SlickDevice 1001BL is protected by one year warranty against manufacturing defects.
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